RFID Instructions

The countdown is on!

Activate your wristband by visiting http://register.growtix.com/RFID

Salt Lake Comic Con will be using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) wristbands in 2015. These wristbands will be individual and personalized to your FanX 2015 ticket. This means each FanX 2015 wristband contains a unique microchip that is unique to only your wristband. This will make your convention experience better, smoother, easier and more fun!

These microchips also ensure counterfeiters can’t make or sell fake FanX 2015 wristbands. Those caught with counterfeit wristbands will be asked to leave the convention immediately, so real fans can have an awesome experience.

Activate your FanX 2015 wristband:

Now that you have your FanX 2015 wristband, make sure to activate it online prior to the show so you can breeze past the registration lines and head right to the entrance line. Activating your wristband ahead of time keeps things moving so you spend your time having fun, and is required. Activate your wristband by visiting SaltLakeComicCon.com/RFID.

Don’t forget…

Your wristband is your entry into the event. Do not lose it because we can’t replace it for you. This ticket (wristband) is non-refundable and non-transferable.

How to use your FanX 2015 wristband:

It’s easy, but important. Make sure you tap your wristband every time you enter AND exit the building.  

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