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Jump in the TARDIS and make some tough choices: Take Salt Lake Comic Con’s Doctor Who Poll! The WhoGirls Podcast want to find out who your choices are, then attend their panel on Thursday, September 4  at 6pm in Room 151D to hear the results.

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  1. Idris says:

    Why is Peri NOT on the least favorite companions list? She annoys me more than any other. Sad because I really like Colin Baker’s Doctor but have a hard time watching those episodes because she is in them. Was SO glad when she was gone.

    Also as a Whovian, you should know it’s Astrid Peth, not Perth and Peri, not Perri. Just a pet Peeve of mine. You should also note that Brian Williams is Rory’s dad, as you may not have the room to add the names of multiple episodes he is in, just to be consistent with the rest of the formatting. Some people may not know who he is.

  2. Adalaide says:

    I feel like there should be a place for write-ins. Whose favorite timelord who isn’t The Doctor isn’t Doctor Donna? For however brief the time, she was perfect.

  3. Sarah Thomas says:

    Jack and Alonso… JACK AND ALONSO? Where’s my Jack and Ianto pairing! They got a moment in Doctor Who outside of Torchwood! Pfft… Alonso…

  4. Thea says:

    Agreed. None of my favorite episodes were on the list (Girl in the Fireplace, Impossible Planet/Satan Pit) and would’ve loved to have been able to write them in.

  5. Aloha says:

    Ok, kind of wished that the favorite doctor was split between Clasic Doctor, and Current Doctor. Would have made answering that question a bit easier. In either case, that question is hard to answer, because they are all pretty awesome. Can’t pick just one.

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