Star Wars Jeopardy Panel Contestant Search

Saturday, February 20

10AM – 11:30 AM

395 W Ironwood Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah

Are you a master of the force? Are you as wise as Yoda? Or do you find your lack of faith disturbing? Use the force to become a contestant in Star Wars Jeopardy at FanX 2016! See if you qualify to be a contest at our auditions on Saturday, 2/20.

Show up anytime between 10AM – 11:30AM, no appointment necessary. Plan on spending at least 30 minutes for your audition. Please note that you must have a valid FanX16 wristband to compete at the show. Star Wars Jeopardy is a FREE panel for FanX attendees!

Good luck to all those who attend …and may the force be with you… always…