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The Dukes of Hazzard™ at Salt Lake Comic Con 2016

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  1. james kowalski says:

    hi there, what do i need to sign up for to have the dukes of hazard cast do a combo signing on a piece of memorabilia i have? should i sign up for the combo photo op and the autographs are included? are there different times that a vendor would go to get an autograph? I am set up at the show, but childhood favorite are dukes of hazard and want to have them sign something for me. Let me know what i need to sign up for to make that happen. thank you.

  2. CustomerSupport says:

    Autographs are not included and you are not allowed to ask for autographs in the Photo op area. If you want all of them to sign something, you have to pay for each individual celebrities autograph. You can get an autograph any time the celebrity is at their signing table, this is posted each day at their celebrity table.

  3. Amanda Jacobs says:

    We have never bought photo ops. So, I don’t know how it works. My husband and I would like a combo photo with the Dukes. If I buy one combo photo opp does that allow for measy and my husband to both be in the photo?

  4. Josh bostwick says:

    Is there a way to find out what the general time windows are for the Duke Boys Photo op is? We are wanting to purchase photo ops with the duke boys on Thursday, since it is my Son Beau’s Name sake & include his cousin Luke from Logan. However, Luke is not likely to be allowed to be there if he will have to miss school, in which case we would want the Photo op with just Tom Wopat. Since they are non refundable, the the rough time frames for Photo ops would determine the day or the photo op that will work.

  5. Loraine says:

    Can you tell us if the General Lee will be available for photo ops with the Dukes of Hazzard cast? Have until tomorrow to decide on photo ops! (The cast with the car is my deciding factor)

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