FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention Sept 6-8, 2018


Did you have any issues entering and registering
for Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 on Thursday, Sept. 4?

Hi folks,

We really got slammed today. We were expecting a big turnout but this was astonishing. The funnel was just not big enough. We are sorry.

There are clearly things we could have done better. Most, if not all of those things will be implemented by tomorrow. I will personally be there in the morning to handle complaints. If you bought a Thursday ticket and missed most of the show, come back tomorrow and myself, Nick Dianatkhah or a member of the volunteer team will take care of you. If you feel you need a refund, we can do that too.

We do want to encourage you to give us another chance. We have a very special show. We threw a party and invited so many interesting people, that many more people showed up then we expected.

And please keep in mind, that virtually everyone that attended today had an absolutely amazing time. We will do so much better tomorrow. I promise.


Bryan Brandenburg

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