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37 replies
  1. mitch clegg says:

    I have two moments actually. The first one is the Porto-potty scene. just shows that you should never go to the bathroom in a dinosaur park. the other moment was when they first saw the dinosaurs up close in the first movie.

  2. Emily Cazier says:

    I always love the part right near the beginning of the original movie where all of the power shuts off and all of the occupants in the jeeps are just waiting for something to happen….I love the suspense!

  3. Tamara Arndt says:

    My favorite part(s) where they show the intelligence of the dinosaurs. Too often we dismiss creatures as stupid or dumb and they often prove us so very wrong.

    “No wonder you’re extinct!”

  4. Rachel Cazier says:

    I was always totally freaked out by the Utah raptors. Now that I look back on it though I think they were probably my favorite part. When they got into the kitchen is the part I remember the most.

  5. jessica says:

    My favorite moment was when the poison spitting dinosaurs showed up. They are my favorite#

  6. Mary Capizzi says:

    I loved the scene in the first movie where the baby raptors were hatching. They were so cute! Too bad they grew up.

  7. Ryan says:

    Favorite part is actually the opening theme. Something about that piece of music just portrays a sense of wonder and exploration.

  8. Brittany A says:

    I love every single moment of each and every movie, I have been a big fan since day one!

  9. Brittany Payne says:

    My favorite moment is from the original Jurassic Park when you see the T-Rex for the first time. There’s the shock factor, with the roar (along with the memory of being young and terrified while seeing it for the first time) that makes it so awesome even to this day!!! We have our tickets to see Jurassic World in IMAX 3D for my husband’s birthday! We love the Jurassic movies!!!

  10. Tina Torres says:

    In the original Jurassic Park (my favorite movie!) when they first arrive at the island and are driving in the jeeps. The caravan stops and Alan stands up in the jeep, pulls off his sunglasses and looks at the brachiosaurus for the first time! Love when they get out of the jeeps and Hammond tells them they have a t-rex and Alan has to put his head between his knees trying not to faint! Love it!!! Amazing movie! Looking so forward to the new installment!

  11. Heidi Wilder says:

    When the water is shaking… haha. That’s in like every single spoof and Jurassic park movie I think though 😛

  12. Amanda Daggett says:

    I love the part at the beginning of the first movie, where they are showing the park and the dinosaurs and it pans out so you can see it all, it’s just so beautiful.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    my favourite moment is when the dinosaur hunter in Jurassic park 2 gets eaten by the compsagnathus dinosaurs. He kept kicking them around and they got their revenge

  14. Skyler Stephens says:

    One of my favorite parts is at the end of the first one where the T-Rex breaks into the building and gets the Velociraptor and then the big banner falls down saying something about dinosaurs ruling the Earth. I look forward to that part every time, it just makes me smile 🙂

  15. Molly Hendrickson says:

    The every so classic moment when the water in the glass starts to tremble with each approaching step!

  16. Mariah says:

    when Alan and everyone first enter the park and you get to see the sauropods and the look of amazement everyone had… Including me

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